Fashion NL sets up Wardrobe#1, a temporary concept store for the January 2012 edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week



‘There is too much of Dutch fashion shown everywhere, but, alas, very little sold,’ says Laura van Erkelens, founder of Fashion NL, an independent online and offline platform for promoting Dutch fashion.


A passionate champion of local talent van Erkelens is as committed to the Dutch fashion cause as they come. It all started during her student days at the Utrecht School of Visual Arts and Design when she worked on her graduation paper researching Dutch fashion identity and its perception internationally. Well, the conclusion of that research was not encouraging—the overall awareness of Dutch fashion was quite low. Ironically not only abroad but also in the Netherlands.


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OPI Holland Collection: Take a Roll in The Hague

A Roll in The Hague


In addition to the cliche trinity of cheese-windmills-tulips the Dutch can boast having an open mind, influential design aesthetic, so many other things and now even a nail polish collection. Nail polish collection?

I see eyebrows raised and question marks multiplying with lightning speed.

Yes, indeed!  Nail polish collection called Holland. Courtesy of OPI,  a family owned nail care company.


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2012: What Lies Ahead


Your mind is a starry universe


This story was written for the Underground The Hague paper


Ah, a new year, the pristine beauty of a white page, the promise of a new start, and a handful of resolutions! Sadly often dropped within weeks.

Having gladly toasted 2011 into retirement we look ahead with hope for change. And make it positive, please. The “yes we can” kind. We have grown so weary of the news of turmoil and uncertainty.

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Fashionable in 2012: 10 Things To Know To Keep Up To Date.

Twenties inspired fashion rules


The Underground The Hague, is a monthly paper for the international community in the city launched by Simon Branson Harper, a contagiously passionate entrepreneur who cherished the vision of  this project since she was a young child. I have contributed this light-hearted take on trends for 2012 for the January issue.

So here you have it

A girl’s 2012 trend guide simplified:


Now that the Netherlands will have its own edition of Vogue, the world’s ultimate fashion magazine, there is no excuse to stay uninformed about what’s in, what out and what to keep.

Forget about minimalism, wave good bye to your boyfriend jeans it is all about femininity, sophistication and subtle references to the roaring twenties.

1. Go prints. From ethnic to subtle floral and anything in between. Bold enough to try pattern on pattern? By all means.

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Azzedine Alaia in the 21st Century


Azzedine Alaia, the son of a wheat farmer from Tunisia, became a most revered figure in fashion, known as “the sculptor of women’s bodies” –he studied sculpture at Fine Arts Academy. True to his Mediterranean roots he admires women’s curves and endlessly enhances them emphasizing the waist, the back, “le deriere”, which in his opinion is more important than the cleavage.

His are not androgynous creations. Rather, it is creations that empower women, make them sexy. Not in the “in your face” way. But in a subtle, alluring, confident way.


Beyonce wearing Alaia crocback dress and Jan Taminiau shoes


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