It seems that I was born to be a communicator. As long as I remember myself I switched between languages and helped people understand each other starting with my own family, which was a mini United Nations. So it is not surprising that my linguistic prowess led me to fashion, yet another language.

In the course of my nomadic life I encountered many talented unknowns living on the fringes of the established fashion world. They made beautiful things, had distinct identities, inspiring stories but the world was oblivious.

It was during my time in Sarajevo in 2004 that the idea of No Big Names was born, a marketing and communications agency to promote talented creatives from the fringes of the fashion, world (South East Europe and South Africa) assisting them with building appropriate image & marketable products.

In 2011 after 25 years of expatriate living and an international career ranging from foreign affairs and diplomacy to luxury & executive education, a dozen of countries and 8 languages in my baggage I settled in The Hague.

No stranger to re-invention and starting anew, I decided to change direction again and translate my long time passion for Pilates into business. And so ASPIRE Pilates studio came into being.

My communication talent serves me again as I teach my students a greater understanding and appreciation of their own body and its capabilities.