Maxima masters the art of frugal glamour



Statistically South Holland province, the final leg on the royal tour of the provinces, has the highest number of sunny days a year. Yesterday, alas, did not happen to be one of them. The sky was fifty shades of grey. And rain, turning at times into annoying drizzle, was incessant. But it had absolutely no effect on the enthusiasm of royal family fans who turned out in huge numbers to wave and cheer along the royal visit route.

The red ensemble assorted with a turban hat Queen Maxima chose to wear provided a boisterous injection of colour amid the sea of black of official suits, plastic rain overalls and orange paraphernalia.

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King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima conclude the tour of the provinces in The Hague!


Monarchists, royalty watchers, Maxima fans, rejoyce!

After a whirlwind tour of the provinces following King Willem Alexander’s inauguration on the 30th of April, the royal couple finally arrives in The Hague.

Judging by the programme revaled by  Friday, June 21 is promising to be a grand day packed with fun and celebrations. It starts at 16.20 in Zoetermeer where the royal couple will  be treated to a spectacle of sports  including demonstrations of water sports, snow sports, skating, climbing, golfing to be concluded by a performance of a local musician.  A lot of action?

Yes, indeed, considering that the whole Zoetermeer visit lasts  just 30 minutes!

But… the tour must go on and  there is so much more to do and see in The Hague.

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Princess Maxima: Glamorous Frugalista

Princess Maxima  in Rome October 6, 2011


At the opening session of the Dutch Parliament season 2011/2012 Her Majesty Queen Beatrix talked about tough economic times ahead and the required belt tightening.

And what better way to convey the message than lead by royal  example. Belt tightening aside, Princess Maxima, the most glamorous member of the Dutch royal family, does not shy away from recycling her accessories. The charming floppy hat seen on the Princess a few days ago in Rome where she presided over the opening of the Mondrian exhibition was part of her regal ensemble for the Prinsjes day 2011.





On two occasions — royally classy.


Prinsjes Day 2011: The Hague Glams Up in the Face of the Tough Financial Year Ahead


Today as every year on the third Tuesday of September, Her Majesty Queen Beatrix presided over the official opening of the Dutch Parliament.

The Queen together with the Crown Prince and Princess Maxima was driven in the Golden Coach from Noordeinde Palace to the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights) in the Binnenhof, which houses the Dutch Parliament.

Here the Queen read the Troonrede,  ‘Speech from the Throne’,  written jointly by the Ministers and Secretaries of State. The Troonrede outlines the government’s financial plans for the coming year.

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