Maxima masters the art of frugal glamour



Statistically South Holland province, the final leg on the royal tour of the provinces, has the highest number of sunny days a year. Yesterday, alas, did not happen to be one of them. The sky was fifty shades of grey. And rain, turning at times into annoying drizzle, was incessant. But it had absolutely no effect on the enthusiasm of royal family fans who turned out in huge numbers to wave and cheer along the royal visit route.

The red ensemble assorted with a turban hat Queen Maxima chose to wear provided a boisterous injection of colour amid the sea of black of official suits, plastic rain overalls and orange paraphernalia.



According to the annual survey commissioned by the public broadcasting service NOS, the royal family in this country still enjoys widespread support. 78% of the Dutch population are in favour of  the monarchy. But there are 44% who back a cut in the annual benefits they receive.

And yet, according to Prime Minister Mark Rutte the payment to the Dutch monarchy won’t be cut for the time being. Wonder how expensive  the royal house to local taxpayers is ? Close to €40 million annually.

So it is perhaps not surprising that Queen Maxima, the most glamorous member of the Dutch royal family, takes heed of the public opinion and rather than blind and dazzle on each public engagement resorts to wardrobe recycling. And that, mind you,  without compromise on required regal glamour. Why flaunt it?  Moreover, such  I-am-carefully-managing-my-fashion-budget attitude  reinforces credibility of her efforts as financial literacy campaigner.



Red Ensemble by the House Nathan worn during state visit to Singapore, January 2013


maxima hats singapore-16

Red Ensemble by the House Nathan worn during state visit to Singapore, January 2013


Provinciebezoek Willem-Alexander en Máxima

The same ensemble minus diamond brooches , a change of hat and jewellery June 2013


Whatever ensemble you choose to wear, it is the accessory that makes the look. And Queen Maxima has been quite daring and adventurous with hers. As for fashion recycling practices it is sure to raise her already very high popularity rankings. Long Live the frugal Queen!

Here’s more pictures of Maxima recycling her wardrobe:


Willem-Alexander et Maxima des Pays-Bas officialisaient le 10 octobre 2010 la dissolution de la Fédération des antilles néerlandaises !

Pink Dress during the official visit to the Dutch Antilles

Tour of the provinces 2013 Flevoland


Arnhem, 30 mei 2013: Koning Willem-Alexander en Koningin Máxima bekijken op het Marktplein onder andere presentaties van Olympische sporters

Tour of the Provinces, Gelderland

Official visit to Brunei