Maxima masters the art of frugal glamour — 4 Comments

  1. What style of dress (i.e. silhouette) do you think is most flattering on Queen Maxima and which designers other than Natan has she worn frequently?

  2. On this tour of the provinces she wore mostly Natan by Eduard Vermeulen. She does wear him a lot. The convenience of ready-to-wear and fitting in Antwerpen? She looked splendid on the inauguration day wearing the blue ensemble by Jan Taminiau, the Dutch couturier. She wore his creations on the tour as well.
    As for flattering silhouette, and the like that’s a good idea for another post

  3. I look forward to reading that future post.

    Yes, she looked stunning on inauguration day in the blue gown, although I didn’t care for the over-sized bow on the blush colored dress she wore earlier that day when she appeared on the balcony of Dam Palace, just after Queen Beatrix abdicated. You?

  4. Was not my favourite either! Again that was by Eduard Vermeulen, aka Natan. It was prim and proper, but so boring, predictable and bourgeois. And the XXL bow?!
    Since she wears a lot of fashion by Natan, we can assume she likes it. For my taste, it is certainly royal status befitting, but safe and bland. I do not think it reflects her personality truly. Actually her choices run such a spectrum that one is wondering about her style. Like the Gucci pink 70-s ensemble, great colour choice but a style more for JLo than the Queen of the Netherlands. Though I do commend the colour choice