Dior’s Million Flowers Set



Haute couture is known for exuberance and drama. And while this first Raf Simon’s collection for Dior was thoughtfully restrained paying homage to the legacy of Monsieur Dior, the set was a kaleiodoscopic feast of flowers.

Before the show even started the select public in attendance as well as the world wide audience poised before their computer screens (the show was lived-streamed) were simply awed by such impressive display.

As Dior official site reports: It was a Jardin Couture with peonies, goldenrod, dahlias, carnations, delphiniums, orchids and all kinds of roses. Flowers from floor to ceiling — an event into itself. Well deserving a special film on the making of:


At Dior Raf Simons Presents a Modern Vision of Master’s Legacy


Today in Paris the Court of Accounts presented its annual report on state finances. Rigour and more will be required to address the rising deficit.  But the worrying state of government coffers did not have an effect on the House of Dior and the highly anticipated couture show, the first by Raf Simons for the venerable house. And  “budgetary rigour” was certainly not the word of the day.

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