Senz Umbrella: Finally an Umbrella that Makes Sense

Parapluies de Cherbourg made famous by Catherine Deneuve in 1964


There is no need to re-invent the wheel. We all know that.

But re-invent umbrella?

Why not? Think out of the box. And that’s exactly what the three friends Gerwin, Gerard and Philip did during their student days at the TU Delft University.

Familiar with the rain in the Netherlands and the gale winds that come with it? And how then umbrella starts acting up -going inside out, twisting, breaking, etc. When during a rainy week like that Gerwin Hoogendorn, industrial design engineering student,  had to bury three umbrellas, he got so fed up that he decided to design the ultimate umbrella and make it his graduation project.

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The Hague, November 2011: Fashion Takes Over The City

Magazin de la mode, Passage No 40


Move over politics and diplomacy. It is fashion time in The Hague.

Political concerns, Greek crisis and the fate of the euro seemed far away as on the night of November 4th the city’s fashion finest got together to celebrate the start of The Hague fashion month at the epicentre of it all – Magazin de la mode, in the historic glass-roofed Passage.

The public in attendance swapped the usual formal and “proper” Hague attire for glamorous outfits befitting the occasion, some bordering on the outrageously colourful, or shockingly short, or sweepingly long. The male audience was less adventurous spotting black ties and tuxedoes accessorised by a smattering of facial hair in all shapes and forms. Facial hair for men is a persistent trend, I notice.


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Christian Louboutin: 20 years “At Our Feet”


Christian Louboutin of the Kingdom of the Red Sole celebrates 20 years in business with a a beautiful art book published by Rizolli international with photographs by Philippe Garcia.

In the book we find great photography  that recreates the sensual world of Christian Louboutin  featuring his friends and fans including Mika, Rossy de Palma, Farida Khelfa and more…

Christian Louboutin talks openly about his carreer, his start at Folie Bergere, the time with Charles Jourdan and his love affair with Hollywood.

We learn that it is not the woman-princess that inspires him. It is the woman-survivor. Drop her in the middle of nowhere and she will make it through. For Louboutin the ultimate survivor is the woman that has the guts and courage of a man without forsaking her femininity ( read hair, make up, heels).

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The Hague Welcomes Residence de la Mode 2011

Photo courtesy Winkelman Van Hessen PR, Photography Wendelien Daan

The Hague fashion city?

It certainly has the ambition to become one.

For the month of November for sure.

On the 4th of November the city welcomes the third edition of the Residence de la Mode and the Dutch Fashion Awards.

Residence de la Mode is a programme of public events to bring fashion closer to people with scores of shows, exhibitions, pop up stores shining the spotlight on emerging talent as well as established designers. It is very much in line with the official City policy aimed at positioning The Hague as a creative city. The city proud of its rich fashion history, the city that always supported craft and creativity.

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Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 Starring a Stylish Tranny


Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs is no stranger to kooky campaigns.  After all, he put Victoria Bekham into a shopping bag! He used a cross dressing man in his 2008 campaign. And admittedly does indulge into cross dressing himself.

But this latest resort campaign surpasses all of the above.



Sorry, Mr. Ford, pornochic is so over.

Seek and tired of langouring models, half dressed, undressed. Lying by the pool, or in the grass, or on top of a car…. Boring

Give us a fun story, make us laugh

Life is grave enough these days

So take a clue from this Housekeeping bible by Marc Jacobs.

“No excuse not to look fab while doing tedious house chores”