Jan Jansen Opens New Shop in The Hague

Jan Jansen
 is  a very common Dutch name but the shoes he makes are anything but…

Bold or subtle, it is a statement.  A statement of a non-conformist individual who defies trends putting his best foot forward.

I love the way Jan Jansen mixes textures and plays with colour. Not running after trends. Not bowing to fashion dictates.

I love his bright men’s shoes. It is such a delight after all the usual boring black and brown. But you certainly have to have the personality to pull them off.


The decor of the new shop is in a subtle palette of grey filled with architectural displays of different shape and height.
As for shoes,  there are some that will certainly make you want to desert your Louboutins and your Choos

After all, with Jan Jansen shoes on you are not blending in with the fashionable crowd. You stand out

The shop is in Heulstraat, in Noordeinde very close to the Palace


And here is a video story of Jan Jansen and his shoes