Ines de la Fressange: Effortlessly Chic at 50+

It is the underage girls that front advertising campaigns, no matter what the editors preach.
But it is real women with personality like Ines de la Fressange that look splendid.

On the red carpet as recently at the Cannes Film Festival in her Carven dress and flat sandals. Or in town.
Or promoting her book La Parisienne, a little red style bible full of chic tips and indie Paris addresses.
A secret to her radiant appearance?
Neither a high paid stylist, nor a skilled plastic surgeon.
It is confidence. It is spontaneity. It is the ability to evolve with the time. And very important — good lighting.
Ines de la Fressange has mastered all of the above. With excellence.
Model, professional, mother, writer and the most quintessential Parisienne.

According to Ines, you do not have to be born in Paris, or live in Paris to have that Parisian style. It is all about the attitude. Cultivate yours!
Here are a few tips. At 50+ Say “no” to:
-tunics/dresses with ethnic prints unless you go a costume party look;
-clichés such as strands of pearls/matching earrings—boooring;
-fur, unless you want to show off your husband’s net worth, 10 years + guaranteed;
-huge clip-on earrings. If ears not pierced, opt for a necklace
-Neon colours
-mini-skirt/short. It is as if you still drink from the bottle after the age of four.
And “Always mix the chic and the cheap, too much chic after 45 is lethal”