Brit Dekker : A Rising Star of Dutch Reality TV



Brit Dekker, a peroxide well- endowed blonde reality star  on the rise in the Netherlands, appeared this week on the popular prime time TV talk show “De wereld draait door” (And the world turns).
Brit does not come from a dynastic, or big money family. Hers is a popularity hard earned. In the   “survival of the fittest” kind of show on RTL where she outwitted  all other girl participants. By simply being herself. Crude, unpolished, and admirably uninformed. Not to say ignorant.

One of her greatest pearls, for example “Nelson Mandela is a personality from Suriname”.
Regardless Brit is building an empire having launched a T-shirt line, recorded a single, multiplying TV and club appearances. A spread in the Playboy might be in the works and even plans for own TV show.
I watched in incredulity Brit  babble along enthusiastically about plans and projects. She would have liked to be a casting director, or travel and make a TV programme about different countries, like Japan and “you know, the clothes they wear”. Imagine the programmes that  would be!

But on the other hand do you really need a high IQ and world awareness to make great television? Or become popular?
Just in her twenties Brit has already gained quite a following . Over 28,000 on twitter.
The handsome, articulate Dutch Prime Minister but 54,039.
Set on domination as she is , I am positive she will beat him in no time.
This rise of  such touchingly mediocre characters is it a sign of our times? When we do not want to be bothered with depth and contents? And rather flip through the channels in pursuit of cheap thrill and  entertainment. Is it indicative of de-evolution of our ideals and aspirations? And what does it tell us about our society?

Brit Dekkers would not be wasting her time pondering such philosophical questions. In her lingua “It’s not hot”
But Geert Wilders might want to take notice. Brit could be a great asset for his party. After all, they share the same taste in the hair colour department.