Sitting is the New Smoking: Aspire Pilates Launches Preventive Health Discussions


We live and work in the city that proudly carries its City of Peace and Justice title, but on the flip side it is a city with most sitting jobs. Have you ever wondered how many hours a day you spend sitting and does sitting have a negative impact on your health and well-being, short-term and long term?


There is more and more compelling evidence that sedentary lifestyle is contrary to our biological needs and is destructive to our overall well-being. The human body is designed to be mobile, not sedentary. In fact, we sit an average of 9.3 hours a day, more than we spend sleeping. Scientists believe that anyone sitting more than 6 hours a day is at a heighten risk of developing chronic diseases and this much sitting may be as bad as smoking a pack of cigarettes daily. So while that 1-hour jog is great for you, it may still not undo the 8 hours sitting at your desk.



So what are the facts? Latest research? Our Experience? What can we do? 

Let’s talk


Dr. Merle Kroll  will share with us her experience from her practice at The Hague Health International Centre where she is seeing a lot patients that work for international organisations in the city. Their work involves prolonged periods of sitting. She will highlight most common pathologies and suggest ways of introducing small changes into your daily routine that will help you overcome the negativity of sitting. She will also dwell on importance of a balanced diet.


Lucy Bosscher will explain the unique nature of Pilates system of body conditioning, and the approach and philosophy used at Aspire Pilates, where everything starts with awareness. Pilates system is a simple and highly effective tool to reverse negative impact of sitting that can be adapted to all levels of ability. By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on smooth, flowing movement, Pilates brings you in tune with your body. You learn how to master control of its movement. You and your body, you become a power couple. Would you say No to that?


Bring your friends, spread the word. Let’s make this an informative, stimulating and inspiring evening! Contact us to register for this FREE event. You may also email us directly at to reserve your spot.


Learn, discuss and exchange; gain insights; meet new people; get stimulated and inspired. Hope to see you on Thursday, April 7 at 18.00.