Christian Louboutin: 20 years “At Our Feet”


Christian Louboutin of the Kingdom of the Red Sole celebrates 20 years in business with a a beautiful art book published by Rizolli international with photographs by Philippe Garcia.

In the book we find great photography  that recreates the sensual world of Christian Louboutin  featuring his friends and fans including Mika, Rossy de Palma, Farida Khelfa and more…

Christian Louboutin talks openly about his carreer, his start at Folie Bergere, the time with Charles Jourdan and his love affair with Hollywood.

We learn that it is not the woman-princess that inspires him. It is the woman-survivor. Drop her in the middle of nowhere and she will make it through. For Louboutin the ultimate survivor is the woman that has the guts and courage of a man without forsaking her femininity ( read hair, make up, heels).

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Anton Corbijn Inwards and Onwards: an Exhibition not to be Missed


I find that black and white photography is much more powerful. And expressive. And honest.

And done by a master like Anton Corbijn it becomes art.

His new exhibition of portraits currently at Foam in Amsterdam is nothing but that. Portraits of artists series was born out of Corbijn’s fascination with the creative process and the accompanying pain and struggle.

Very graphic, stripped of the superfluous these portraits capture the very essence of the subject —

all big names from the field of arts, music, sports, public life.

Corbijn is no voyeur, neither is he a dazzled admirer. Undoubtedly a great reader of character he achieves total fusion with his subject, to the point that you forget that there’s a photographer between you two.

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