A week-end in Antwerp: Fashion, Food, Architecture

Grote Markt, Antwerpen


Well into my second year in The Hague where everything is planned weeks in advance, even meeting friends, I start getting afraid of losing spontaneity. Two weeks ago  I opened my agenda and saw nothing  but pages filled with meetings and appointments. More appointments, more deadlines…

Am I turning into some robotic performance machine? The inner voice was questioning. And that inner  voice sounded annoyingly disappointed. In me and my pronouncements about cherishing the beauty of spontaneous moments, and following your heart, and … more of the kind. I had to prove him wrong. On the spur of the moment I decided that I needed a break and Antwerp would make a perfect destination.

Why Antwerp? It has always been on my wish list of cities to visit but I could never make time. So now I made time. Friday morning an hour and half on the train and there I was. In Antwerp.

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