Marc Jacobs Resort 2012 Starring a Stylish Tranny


Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs is no stranger to kooky campaigns.  After all, he put Victoria Bekham into a shopping bag! He used a cross dressing man in his 2008 campaign. And admittedly does indulge into cross dressing himself.

But this latest resort campaign surpasses all of the above.



Sorry, Mr. Ford, pornochic is so over.

Seek and tired of langouring models, half dressed, undressed. Lying by the pool, or in the grass, or on top of a car…. Boring

Give us a fun story, make us laugh

Life is grave enough these days

So take a clue from this Housekeeping bible by Marc Jacobs.

“No excuse not to look fab while doing tedious house chores”