Raf Simons Going To Dior

Christian Dior, The New Look


Christian Dior’s parents wanted him to be a diplomat, but he dreamt of  art and fashion. With a lot of persuasion and some help from his father he managed to start an art gallery. It was selling most avant-garde works of the time- Picasso, Cocteau, Braque.

After the War Christian Dior turned to fashion creating an entirely new look for women: tiny waist, voluptuous skirt, hourglass silhouette, referencing La Belle Epoque. It was inspired by his love of flowers and his vision of a flower woman.

Raf Simons who has been appointed Artistic Director at Christian Dior shares Monsieur Dior’s love of art. Next to his fashion career he buys art for his collector friend and collects art himself. He studied industrial design and thought of becoming a furniture designer. And then he saw a fashion show by a fellow Belgian- Martin Margiela in Paris. It left such a profound impact that he left furniture design for fashion. Thank you, Mr. Margiela, for giving the fashion world Raf Simons.

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