Understanding Dutch Fashion (Part II)

Iris van Herpen creation


Here is Part II of the cover story that I wrote for the winter issue of  the Access Magazine, The Hague based expatriate publication. This particular part examines various facets of Dutch fashion, its international positioning and outlook for the future


Experimental & Conceptual

Thus permeated by the Calvinist tradition of sobriety and purity, Dutch fashion is a unique expression of individual spirit rather than a collective identity.

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Amsterdam International Fashion Week – Adding Fashion Sizzle to the Summer in the City

Well into its seventh year Amsterdam International Fashion Week has taken hold of the city yet again boasting a rich programme of events, shows, exhibitions and more for professionals and the general public alike.

To navigate such extensive fashion offer we turn for advice and guidance to our friends at Fashionnl.com: and their carefully compiled “to do and to see” list of activities.

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