Row’s Croc Backpack: Fashionista’s new BFF

What a busy fashion show/after party hopping fashionista needs? Right! The Bag. And not just any. Make it Row’s. A black backpack in beautiful glossy croc with perfect scales. Chic and understated.


Excited? Wobbling in your stilettos?

Hold on to your friend. The price might nock you off your heels.

39.000 US$ or 24,460,9 Euro. Yes, you heard me right.

Mind you in a pecking order of exotics, crocodile skin is the ultimate of luxury with Australian porous and North American alligator topping the list. Growing demand for luxury products and scarcity of skins determine the high price. For reference, a made to order Birkin might set you back 40.000 Euro.

Well Row is no Hermes, but you clearly have the best quality product.

Does this justify the price?

I think in this case the price is like beauty “in the beholder’s eye”


Row is a luxury label by the Olsen twins that has been getting rave reviews from editors and fashionistas alike. The backpack is from the newly launched hand bags line to be sold at Barneys