My Pilates Journey: How Pregnancy Pilates at Aspire Pilates Helped Chariz Stay Fit


In our #mypilatesjourney series we turn the spotlight on The Hague based IT professional Chariz Dulawan who has recently given birth to a healthy baby boy.


1. What made you start Pilates?

I’ve always been interested in Pilates and even tried to do it at home but I stopped as I didn’t reap the benefits I was hoping to achieve. Most probably because I wasn’t doing it right. I started Pilates for 2 reasons: I found an English speaking studio Aspire Pilates and a personal trainer (Lucy). I’m quite a shy person and my work schedule is crazy so it was a relief to find something where I can have one-on-one lessons. Secondly, I was pregnant with my first child and I knew that Pilates is good for the before and after of pregnancy.


2. What was your first impression? And whether it has changed over time?

I started with the basics and I found it quite simple although I already knew that some of the lessons, as simple as they are, I am not doing it properly. My impression has definitely changed over time as the lessons progressed – I got to do more and I have seen changes not only on my balance and strength but also on my perspective on applying the “pilates routines” outside the studio at work and home.


3. Have you benefited from Pilates? How? 

A definite yes! It helped me cope with my first pregnancy. First of all, I developed body awareness. I found balance and I’ve built strength that helped me minimise the discomfort associated with pregnancy. In fact, I had very little “issues” during pregnancy and I strongly believe that it is taking Pilates lessons that helped. 


4. Do you manage to integrate Pilates and Pilates principles into your everyday life?

I do practice some of the Pilates routines at home and at work. Being in the IT field, I spend long hours behind the computer. Since taking Pilates, I apply the things I learned, which I can do while at work – including taking breaks to do certain stretches at the ladies room 🙂


5.  What is Pilates for you?

Pilates for me means body awareness+ strength + balance + energy towards a healthier lifestyle.


6. Would you recommend Pilates to others? Why?

Based on my experience, I would strongly recommend Pilates particularly to expecting mothers. I would recommend having one-on-one sessions since you get to focus on your own individual needs or situation. Lucy has been tailoring my sessions based on my needs and therefore I benefitted greatly.