The lounging boys of Sjaak Hullekes summer 2014 collection in the Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

Protesters in Istanbul, photo courtesy Guardian


While their peers in Istanbul and Cairo are mastering the ABC of political protests, the young boys of Amsterdam indulge in arts-y pursuits lounging languorously in hip hotel suites: playing the cello, reading sheet music, sketching and contemplating.


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Shopping Night Den Haag



Big fashion cities have Vogue Shopping Night Out.

Here in The Hague, an international fashion city in the making, we have to content with just the Shopping Night 

Unfortunately this time I could not go out  and see what was going on in the city centre where all the activities were concentrated, but John of the Hollywood to Holland kept me updated and wrote a great review. You can read it here

As John pointed out the night attracted big crowds of people but was not  on the level of the previous two editions. Well, with all the construction going on it is little wonder.

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Sjaak Hullekes Opens Store in The Hague

Sjaak Hullekes Store Courtesy DenHaag FM

Courtesy DenHaag FM


The retail landscape in The Hague is a charming store richer. Sjaak Hullekes menswear is now officially open in Denneweg. What started as a temporary outlet for the Residence de la Mode last December is now  a full-fledged boutique with a complete range including separates, suits, underwear and some accessories.


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A week-end in Antwerp: Fashion, Food, Architecture

Grote Markt, Antwerpen


Well into my second year in The Hague where everything is planned weeks in advance, even meeting friends, I start getting afraid of losing spontaneity. Two weeks ago  I opened my agenda and saw nothing  but pages filled with meetings and appointments. More appointments, more deadlines…

Am I turning into some robotic performance machine? The inner voice was questioning. And that inner  voice sounded annoyingly disappointed. In me and my pronouncements about cherishing the beauty of spontaneous moments, and following your heart, and … more of the kind. I had to prove him wrong. On the spur of the moment I decided that I needed a break and Antwerp would make a perfect destination.

Why Antwerp? It has always been on my wish list of cities to visit but I could never make time. So now I made time. Friday morning an hour and half on the train and there I was. In Antwerp.

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Fashion NL sets up Wardrobe#1, a temporary concept store for the January 2012 edition of the Amsterdam Fashion Week



‘There is too much of Dutch fashion shown everywhere, but, alas, very little sold,’ says Laura van Erkelens, founder of Fashion NL, an independent online and offline platform for promoting Dutch fashion.


A passionate champion of local talent van Erkelens is as committed to the Dutch fashion cause as they come. It all started during her student days at the Utrecht School of Visual Arts and Design when she worked on her graduation paper researching Dutch fashion identity and its perception internationally. Well, the conclusion of that research was not encouraging—the overall awareness of Dutch fashion was quite low. Ironically not only abroad but also in the Netherlands.


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OPI Holland Collection: Take a Roll in The Hague

A Roll in The Hague


In addition to the cliche trinity of cheese-windmills-tulips the Dutch can boast having an open mind, influential design aesthetic, so many other things and now even a nail polish collection. Nail polish collection?

I see eyebrows raised and question marks multiplying with lightning speed.

Yes, indeed!  Nail polish collection called Holland. Courtesy of OPI,  a family owned nail care company.


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Senz Umbrella: Finally an Umbrella that Makes Sense

Parapluies de Cherbourg made famous by Catherine Deneuve in 1964


There is no need to re-invent the wheel. We all know that.

But re-invent umbrella?

Why not? Think out of the box. And that’s exactly what the three friends Gerwin, Gerard and Philip did during their student days at the TU Delft University.

Familiar with the rain in the Netherlands and the gale winds that come with it? And how then umbrella starts acting up -going inside out, twisting, breaking, etc. When during a rainy week like that Gerwin Hoogendorn, industrial design engineering student,  had to bury three umbrellas, he got so fed up that he decided to design the ultimate umbrella and make it his graduation project.

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Versace H&M:Brisk Business


Versace H&M collection has finally hit the stores! This afternoon  The Hague H&M shop was busy, but nothing requiring special security for hysterical crowd control as was reported from London and Moscow.

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The Hague, November 2011: Fashion Takes Over The City

Magazin de la mode, Passage No 40


Move over politics and diplomacy. It is fashion time in The Hague.

Political concerns, Greek crisis and the fate of the euro seemed far away as on the night of November 4th the city’s fashion finest got together to celebrate the start of The Hague fashion month at the epicentre of it all – Magazin de la mode, in the historic glass-roofed Passage.

The public in attendance swapped the usual formal and “proper” Hague attire for glamorous outfits befitting the occasion, some bordering on the outrageously colourful, or shockingly short, or sweepingly long. The male audience was less adventurous spotting black ties and tuxedoes accessorised by a smattering of facial hair in all shapes and forms. Facial hair for men is a persistent trend, I notice.


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Michael Barnaart van Bergen Opens Shop in The Hague

Window Display in De Bijenkorf Store, The Hague © Nils van Houts Fotografie


Life has been good to Michael Barnaart van Bergen, the choucou of the Hague fashion scene. He is young, talented, good looking and very successful. Named The Hague fashion ambassador 2010 he has had an impressive rise through the fashion ranks in the Netherlands scoring participation in the Millionaires Fair, museum exhibitions, celebrity dressing, TV appearances.

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